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Electric Motor Nameplate Information

Frame size and power of the motor. The electric motor nameplate contains a variety of information that can be used to calculate other items.

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Electric motors are normally equipped with a nameplate and if you dont have the manufacturers documentation the best way to get information about the motors features and specifications is to read it out from the nameplate.

Electric motor nameplate information. With rated electrical input the motorwill deliver rated output shaft power. The data on the nameplate will be needed through the lifecycle of the motor. 1 Manufacturers type 2 Rated volts and full load amps 3 Rated frequency number of phases 4 Rated full load speed 5 Rated temperature rise or the insulation system class 6 Time rating 7 Rated horsepower.

The difference between these two is the location in the motor. There are established standard indicators of how effectivethe motor does its job as well as data on the nameplate concerning safety and reliability. Well use the following illustration of a 150 horsepower AC motor nameplate as an example.

In this example we use the nameplate of a W22 Premium three phase electric induction motor manufactured by WEG. The important information that we can see on motor nameplate is a electrical inputFrom this we can know what the voltage for motorthe suitable frequencyfull load amperetype of connection star or deltapower factor and others. A critical part of making motors interchangeable is ensuring that nameplate information is common among manufacturers.

All motors have a permanent nameplate which lists all important data further data is usually available in the motor catalogue. A typical nameplate also include general information such as the motors brand name a Serial No or other identifying number unique to that motor that would let the manufacturer trace the motor back through manufacturing. The information on a motor nameplate can be arranged in categories.

Rated voltages Rated full-load amperage at each voltage level FLA Frequency typically 60 or 50hz Phase Single or three phase Speed - Rated full-load. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association NEMA specifies that every motor nameplate must show these specific items. Understanding the information provided on an electric motor nameplate and how to use the information is important.

It may be necessary to replace an electric motor in the future and nameplate information in needed to make sure the replacement motor is acceptable for the application. A nameplate contains a large amount of useful information relating to the motor including the type RPM. Electric motor can feature a metal silk-screen printed andor punched nameplate or an adhesive label glued on metal support.

In case you need a copy of it just contact MOTOVARIO TECHNICAL SERVICE. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association NEMA specifies the following data is to be listed on the individual motor nameplates. NEMA specifies the information that must be included on the motors nameplate.

Motor nameplate details We have all seen the motor nameplate attached on the motor side or on top. The nameplate of an electric motor provides necessary information that helps you select the right AC motor for your specific application. THREE-PHASE MOTOR NAMEPLATE LAYOUT THREE-PHASE MOTOR FILLED-OUT EXAMPLE.

Nameplate information is provided in manufacturers catalogs and selecting the right motor for an application requires an understanding of that information. The nameplate on an individual electric motor tells the story of what the motor is capable of and its electrical supply requirements. The nameplate also includes the manufacturers name and its principal city and state and Made in Uk if Uk -made.

The common language of the motor nameplate enables installation and maintenance personnel to quickly understand and recognize exactly what type of motor theyre dealing with during a new installation or replacement procedure. Your motor nameplate may include bearing information. The nameplate must not be removed and must be kept intact and readable.

The motor manufacturer may include additional information such as the wiring information shown on. There may be two bearing specifications on a motor nameplate the drive shaft bearing and the opposite drive shaft bearing. What details a motor nameplate shows and how to use them photo credit.

Duty Cycle or Time Rating. The National Electric Code requires that motor nameplates include the following information in addition to the manufacturerʼs name and address. By definition an inductionmotor converts electrical energy to useful mechanical energy.

The drive shaft bearing is located close to where the drive shaft extends out of the motor.

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